Tevva launches in mainland Europe and unveils 19-tonne hydrogen electric truck

Electric and hydrogen truck OEM Tevva  unveiled its 19-tonne (19t) hydrogen-electric truck and announced its strategy for mainland Europe at the IAA Transportation show in Hanover, Germany on Monday 19 September.

The company is partnering with its wide portfolio of customers, including Kinaxia Logistics, Codognotto and FM Logistic, to showcase its range of full-electric and hydrogen-electric medium-duty (7.5t to 19t / Class 5 to 8) truck solutions designed for the European market.

Its largest truck platform launch to date, Tevva’s 19t hydrogen-electric model represents a significant milestone and highlights the scalability of its technology. As with the 7.5t hydrogen-electric model, the 19t variant benefits from the company’s revolutionary dual energy system, combining lithium-ion batteries and a hydrogen fuel cell range extender. The truck is expected to have a range of up to 500km depending on the number of hydrogen cylinders specified, which can be refilled in 10 minutes.

Tevva is pioneering a practical hydrogen fuel cell application that is unique to medium-duty trucks. By adding a hydrogen fuel cell range extender that replenishes the battery throughout the day, Tevva has created zero-emission urban trucks that eliminate range anxiety and can replace diesel trucks on all routes. The dual energy system also futureproofs Tevva and its customers as Europe transitions away from fossil fuels and looks to decarbonise the transportation sector.

Tevva believes hydrogen has strong potential to be a key part of the renewable energy mix for commercial transportation in Europe. Major European governments, like Germany, France and the UK, have all committed to hydrogen strategies resulting in significant inward investment. Tevva is investing in and partnering with stakeholders from the hydrogen value-chain to develop a turn-key solution to accelerate hydrogen-electric truck adoption. Tevva is aiming to make green hydrogen simple, safe and cost-effective for its customers by managing the energy procurement for them.

The company has already started production at its UK facility where it has begun to build European vehicles. Work is underway for a second facility in mainland Europe, which will utilise Tevva’s agile low-capex, rapid implementation production system and double manufacturing capacity to 6,000 trucks per year by 2024.

Each facility will produce 7.5t to 19t (Class 5 to 8) trucks for customers in the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Benelux. Tevva is targeting these markets before expanding its reach into other parts of Europe, North America and the Middle East.